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Urgent care has proven to be a convenient and useful healthcare option for individuals and their family members.  That said, urgent care consumers value providers that specialize in the type of care they are seeking. The movement has resulted in the upsurge of specialized urgent care models.  Pediatric urgent care is one specialized model that is rapidly growing in both popularity and numbers as parents seek out providers that understand pediatric patients.

Why is pediatric urgent care flourishing and rapidly growing, you ask?  Pediatric urgent care has gained momentum as parents pursue care from clinicians with extensive knowledge geared toward their children.  Pediatric urgent care staff members have additional training and resources in treating and interacting with children. The clinic is also designed to be inviting and visually appealing for children, resulting in a more comfortable visit for patients and their families. 

So what can be done to better equip a current urgent care for the pediatric patient?  There are many resources for educating providers and other staff members on pediatric topics:

  • Attend industry conferences, such as the Urgent Care Association Fall Convention, which includes a special pediatric urgent care track to gain knowledge on new pediatric practices. 
  • The Society for Pediatric Urgent Care and PM Pediatrics host separate annual conferences that provide valuable and informative sessions on new equipment, instruments, processes and more. 
  • Encourage providers to educate themselves on pediatric matters by attending CME sessions and programs. 
  • Create standing operating procedures for the pediatric patient to build confidence in staff and maintain consistency in the patient experience. 
  • Design one or two exam rooms for children, such as adding cartoon clings or painting a mural on one wall, to help the pediatric patient feel at ease in the center. 
  • Finally, strategic marketing to local schools and places that families frequent will spread the word that your urgent care is prepared to treat adult and pediatric patients equally. 

Continually pursuing knowledge and training for pediatric patients will help set your urgent care apart.

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