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In 2021, urgent care is a whirlwind. With visit volumes still rising, more patients needing your attention, and staff shortages, you may think you’re just too busy to take time out for virtual conference. We get it.

Joining us for just a few hours in November might be just what you need to become more efficient than ever before.

We’ve aggregated valuable content to help you optimize your workflows, improve coding, and use metrics to guide your business decisions. But that’s just the beginning of the benefit you’ll experience when you attend this four-hour, virtual conference.

Our speakers are ready to provide insightful observations into trends happening now and predictions for the future. Our sessions were built around the topics that are important to you right now. And our product experts will provide best practices to help you operate at maximum efficiency.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Delta Variant and the Future of Healthcare 

We’re proud to welcome Dr. Matt McCarthy, author Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic, for an encore appearance. Dr. McCarthy experienced COVID-19 from the front line as a physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and provided the context of this virulent epidemic at our virtual conference last fall. This year he’ll talk about the sudden rise of coronavirus variants, predict how life will look this winter, and share cutting-edge research revealing how COVID-19 medicine is poised to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Lessons We Learned About Coding with 2021 Guidelines

With new E/M guidelines going into effect in 2021, clinics across urgent care experienced a deep learning curve. In this session, we’ll discuss what we learned over the past year and provide prescriptive advice about the best ways to move forward and get reimbursed accurately for the work you are doing under these new guidelines.

Use Make-or-Break Performance Metrics to Boost Your Business 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide your team the data they need to accurately measure data and forecast results. Technology makes it easier than it was in the past. We’ll go beyond the numbers to help you make the data you have actionable by ensuring you’re looking at the right KPIs and sharing our advice on using the best technology tools for the job.

Blueprint for Attention-Getting Marketing 

When it comes to healthcare, markets are more crowded than ever – not only with urgent care competition, but you’re up against freestanding emergency departments, walk-in primary care providers, retail clinics, and telemedicine. We’ll share advice to help you define your brand identity, evolve your brand to stay relevant, get patients in the door and keep them coming back — and just as important – how to measure marketing success.

And those are just some of the highlights we think are worth your time. We’ve packed lots of information and practical strategies into this virtual conference – with your time in mind.

So join us on November 11 for the biggest virtual event of the year, just for urgent care leaders like you.

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