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Latest update: 7/9/24

Choosing a provider for teleradiology services can seem like a complicated process. The right provider can ensure that using such a service is more profitable than hiring a radiologist, so it’s important that you’re confident in your choice. Here are some top priorities to consider when making the selection for your medical center.


Quality of service too often gets lost in the shuffle when teleradiology companies try to undercut the competition with promises of faster or cheaper service. They’re often talking about pennies, instead of performance. Someone is worried about saving 10 cents on an x-ray exam, but they should be worried about the $2 million lawsuit that could arise from a sloppy reading. Accuracy should be the top priority when choosing your teleradiology provider, not only for the safety of patients but for the health of your urgent care. The power of social media means bad reviews, due to a misread x-ray, can really hurt a clinic’s business.


This goes along with accuracy, but assessing the reputation of a teleradiology company will help determine the quality of service they provide. Do online research to find reviews of the company, and ask for references to speak with other clients using the teleradiology provider.

Urgent Care Experience

Find out if they have experience working with urgent care centers. You can have a radiologist who’s really good at reading trauma from an emergency room – but they can’t diagnose a finger fracture.


It’s something that gets lost nowadays since everything is digital, but the lack of communication can lead to serious errors. The leading cause for a malpractice case is failure to communicate a positive finding, and putting it on a report does not satisfy that requirement. Teleradiologists should take responsibility to follow up if they suspect something is falling through the cracks.

Availability for Consult

Teleradiology companies need to make their specialists available if there are questions about a reading. Check to see if the provider has a HIPAA-compliant way for you speak directly with the radiologist working on your case, like through a secure chat for a fast response.

Does Experity Meet Your Needs?

Over 3,500 urgent care centers in the U.S. rely on Experity for fast and reliable radiology readings. Routine reads average 22 minutes, and STAT reads average 11 minutes. Our board-certified radiologists, assisted by AI technology, maintain a 99 percent success rate. We also own our image storage system (PACS), allowing us to add efficiencies, simplify the process, and make it better for users. This translates to the highest-quality reads and fastest turnaround times, far surpassing industry standards.

Plus, we have the ability to transmit results directly to your EMR, improving clinic administration workflow.

To find out more about Experity’s teleradiology overread services and request to speak with an expert, click the button below.


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