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With the right urgent care EMR, you can avoid physician burnout. Choosing the right urgent care software can lead to rapid improvements in workflow, increased profits, efficiency, and overall quality of patient care.

Urgent care EMR software capabilities expand revenue potential and help your clinic more effectively manage the current revenue stream. Deploy Web-based, fully integrated EMR solutions as part of an overall practice management system for your urgent care clinic empowers administrators to take control of financial health and enhance patient outcomes. Streamlining operations may allow your clinic to expand occupational medicine services, add a new line of durable medical equipment, or help more patients in less time — without compromising patient satisfaction levels and quality of care.

“The most important aspect of an urgent care EMR is that it allows you to see patients quickly,” David Stern, MD and CEO of Practice Velocity, told The Ambulatory M&A Advisor for a March 2015 article. “The second aspect is somewhat similar; the software has to be easy to learn.”

EMRs that are easy to learn and use can cut down on the time it takes to register and chart a patient visit—which can stop physician burnout in its tracks. It’s also important for EMRs to be easy to use if you have a variety of different staff members using the system, the author explains.

“It’s common for urgent care centers to use part-time providers so you should have an EMR that is user-friendly,” Stern says. “This is so providers that haven’t used EMRs before or that only have minimal training can still use it. If the EMR is not user-friendly, you’ll have to spend a long time training your providers and they may have trouble remembering how it works in-between shifts.”

Dr. Stern goes on to explain that speed and ease of use are the two non-negotiable urgent care EMR attributes, but there are other features that you also pay attention to.

“Online bill pay options, patient portals and integrated credit card functions are all very useful in urgent care,” Stern says. “If you have the ability to pre-authorize a credit card like hotels and rental car places, that can be useful. If a patient isn’t maintaining a long-term relationship with the urgent care center, it can still bill effectively with online bill pay options. These two things can really help you capture revenue that would otherwise be lost, or very slow to come in.”

Stern says that another functionality of a good EMR is an online check-in system.

“It can be very helpful to have patients get in line, queue up online and minimize waits inside of the clinic,” Stern says. “It makes patient flow more efficient.”

To learn more, watch our urgent care EMR live demo.

Practice Velocity serves more than 2,000 physicians in more than 1,000 urgent care centers across the nation. The company has experienced explosive growth, including being listed in the Inc. 500|5000 list in 2012, 2013, and 2014 as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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