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For many people working in healthcare, the past two years have been chaotic and exhausting. With all the uncertainty, leaders face employee burn out, defection, and a workforce dealing with mental health challenges. All of this has a negative effect on the patient experience — and your bottom line.

To succeed, managers can’t just be leaders anymore. They have to become life coaches. But what does it take for leaders to succeed in the midst of all this change and turbulence? How do they become better caregivers, partners, and transformational leaders – so they, your team, and your business will not just survive, but thrive?

It’s all about trust. And trust comes with making connections – with healthcare teams and patients. When you create a culture where teams trust their leaders and patients trust their caregivers, success happens.

During this engaging keynote, Poore will share proven strategies and tactics that can help managers become leaders who encourage and inspire your care team and create a patient experience that builds loyalty and advocacy.

You’ll learn how to:

    • Reconnect employees to their passion for their work, differentiating between their job tasks and their role on the care team
    • Add a new powerful tool – the Human + Business + Human Model — to your team’s playbook that will help create better connections
    • Build a culture with intention, starting with intentional words that are patient-driven

Don’t miss this inspiring keynote by President and Chief Experience Officer at Integrated Loyalty Systems, Inc.

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