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Next Generation System Will Help Clinics Meet Growing Expectations, Improve Efficiency and Expand Offerings

MACHESNEY PARK, IL – August 24, 2021 – Experity, the national leader in on-demand care solutions, today announced its newest electronic medical record and practice management solutions (EMR/PM). Experity EMR/PM was developed with leading urgent care organizations across the U.S. to support urgent care-specific needs as they evolve to meet growing patient and provider expectations while delivering quality, high-velocity on-demand care.

Urgent care is rapidly becoming the de facto choice for consumers seeking on-demand healthcare following a historic year of market growth and demand. Experity, the only operating partner solely focused on the urgent care industry, has committed over $50 million in product and development to bring this new urgent care-focused EMR/PM to market in under two years. These innovations have been able to immediately impact the urgent care industry’s ability to scale during a global pandemic and capitalize on driving the future of on-demand healthcare with their customers.

The new EMR/PM is already helping over one thousand of Experity’s clients quickly scale to effectively manage pandemic-level visit volumes and accurately adjust to coding changes that impacted documentation workflows for the first time in over 20 years. These enhancements allow for greater community care access, higher quality care for patients, and optimized revenue for urgent care providers.

“As the COVID pandemic continues to test the urgent care industry, we are thrilled to offer the new Experity EMR/PM to support our customers and the industry as they evolve,” said Dr. David Stern, CEO, Experity. “Adaptability is one of urgent care’s greatest strengths, and this new core operating system is designed to support clinics as they navigate higher visit volumes, new revenue streams and expanded offerings without sacrificing quality of care.”

Delivering a favorable patient experience is vital in the new era of urgent care, as patient expectations for on-demand care have heightened drastically since 2020. Of the 28 million patient visits to urgent care clinics using Experity solutions in 2020, 48 percent were new to the facilities. History has shown that urgent care providers turn new patients into repeat visitors by delivering convenient, tech-enabled, high-quality care to attract and retain patients. Experity’s EMR/PM already supports seamless expansion into primary care, occupational medicine, and behavioral health, and soon will accommodate other areas such as rural health, pediatrics and orthopedics in an on-demand care setting.

Experity’s new EMR/PM is the hub of its operating system and now strengthens connections across their solutions. The enhanced patient engagement offering from Experity now seamlessly connects online registration with in-clinic service without requiring information like demographic or payment on site. Staff can view patient arrival status and a tracking board indicating the amount of time they have spent in the clinic, and patients can receive text message appointment and payment reminders.

“With patient expectations higher than ever, having one operating system that can support our staff as they provide high-quality care is crucial to our success,” said Patrick Cvelic, CFO at Central Piedmont Urgent Care. “Experity’s next generation EMR/PM was developed with urgent care providers in mind who know what our unique needs are to seamlessly incorporate workflow optimizations and ways to optimize revenue without further burdening staff.”

To learn more about Experity EMR/PM, sign up for the webinar on September 14 at 11am CST. For those interested in becoming an Experity client, they can license the new system now. Over one  thousand existing clients have upgraded to the new solution. All existing clients will have the opportunity to upgrade to the new solution based on their business objectives.

About Experity

Experity is the leading software and services company for on-demand healthcare in the U.S. urgent care market, providing an integrated operating system complete with electronic medical record, practice management, patient engagement, billing, teleradiology, business intelligence and consulting solutions. Nearly 50% of the U.S. urgent care market runs on Experity solutions. With Experity, providers can best meet the demands of the evolving on-demand space and deliver high-quality, high-velocity care by streamlining operations, improving patient experiences and optimizing revenue. A Warburg Pincus portfolio company, Experity’s leadership is comprised of growth-minded urgent care experts and business leaders committed to improving on-demand healthcare for all. For information and resources, visit