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A look inside

The mistakes you’ll learn to avoid in each chapter of this whitepaper

Not Being Strategic Enough in Site Selection

Learn how to scale the in your current market. Discover two strategic ways to position yourself around your community — so that you intercept the traffic heading towards competing urgent cares.

Not Researching Current Payer Landscape

The rules you’re accustomed to could change as you branch out into other geographies. Avoid getting locked into a confusing situation, like using separate insurance providers across clinics.

Not Building a Meaningful and Differentiated Brand

Even if you’re not thinking about expanding, branding is crucial to being a recognizable business with a loyal patient base. Learn how to differentiate yourself in the market, find new patients and get those established patients to come back to you.

Neglecting to Ensure you have an Engaging, Scalable Culture

A scalable culture is one that will reinforce your brand and also your reputation among providers – to you retain and attract quality staff. Create consistency in your culture that will make you more successful as a big business.

Running out of Money/Taking on too Much Debt

Even with ramp-up time to profitability at an all-time low, you still want to avoid mismanaging staffing costs, marketing budget, launch date, and more to ensure you don’t run out of money before you turn a profit.

Not Defining a Scalable, Repeatable, Consistent Business Processes

Consistent business processes across your clinics make it easier to manage your clinics, replicate a great patient experience, and keep staff happy. Learn how to build your playbook.

Not Hiring a Management Team Geared for Growth

We know the people handling billing and managing the nuances of your one or two clinics are amazing. But can they handle the complexities that arise once you hit three clinics?

Not Utilizing KPIs and Managing to Performance Targets

You need to be able to measure how your business is performing against your goals, industry trends, and everything else that impacts your success. Read the ten most important KPIs to watch in your urgent care.

Ignoring Large-scale Opportunities in Advertising/Marketing/PR

When you have numerous clinics, you’re in a different ballgame when it comes to marketing. Understand how to leverage promotional opportunities to get the most bang for your buck.

Spending too Much or too Little in Capital Expenditure

Ensure that you break even as soon as possible — and give yourself room to continue growing — by knowing where other clinics have mistakenly spent too much capital. And learn how recently, too little capital is hurting longevity in some new clinics.