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Starting an urgent care is no easy feat for operators. From selecting the right location to implementing the right technology, getting an urgent care up and running is nothing short of an undertaking. Building your urgent care workflows, staffing the right people to deliver quality care, and recognizing the common mistakes to avoid are all part of getting a new clinic off the ground—and that’s just the beginning.

After the initial groundwork comes the opportunity to fine-tune your operations, marketing strategy, and relationships with your patients and staff. At Experity, we believe that making continuous improvements in your clinic can pay enormous dividends when it comes to delivering a memorable patient experience.

In this eBook, you’ll find tried-and-true marketing ideas that drive brand awareness and attract new patients, best practices to consider when designing a patient-friendly clinic, tips for training your urgent care staff, and more!

Chapter 1: 6 Marketing Ideas Every Urgent Care Should Consider

Marketing may seem like a task that is secondary to operational needs. The opposite is true. Marketing needs to be a primary focus if your urgent care is to succeed financially.

Chapter 2: Ways to Design a Patient-friendly Urgent Care

The patient is the central focus of your efforts. Design your clinic and services around them with a patient-centered experience.

Chapter 3: 8 Ideas to Streamline your Urgent Care Workflow

Pinpointing ways to streamline your clinic’s workflow is a good way to ensure constant improvement.

Chapter 4: 9 Ways to Build Patient Trust and Referrals in Your Urgent Care

Providing a consistent quality of patient care requires a long-term commitment by ever single staff member.

Chapter 5: 8 Tips for Training Your Urgent Care Staff

Your employees are the heart of your clinic and make the difference between an average patient experience and a great one. From proper hiring to thorough training, managing all roles requires an investment from owners and management.