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A look inside

A combination of factors has led to a decline in the acuity of urgent care visits, including a focus on seeing more patients per hour, bottlenecks resulting from COVID-19, and a trend to staff with more advance practice providers (APPs) than ER doctors. But you can reverse course to start making more money — and better serve your community.

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Identify Opportunities and Create a Plan

Get tips on how to determine what you can offer and how to build out a plan that works for everyone.

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Train Staff to Treat Higher Acuity Patients

Understand the scope of high-acuity cases urgent cares can handle so you know who can be trained up.

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Communicate to the Public

Learn simple but effective ways to market your new services to patients and start making more money.

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Reduce Costs to Help With Your Transition

Ease the stress of added expenses by finding ways to reduce other business costs.