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One of the most impressive things that urgent care leaders did in 2020 was quickly pivot to accommodate a record number of patients. Using both technology and ingenuity, they recreated processes to meet patient needs efficiently and safely. They truly proved their ability to be on-demand.

As we move into a new era of urgent care, the challenge is to remain a valued resource 365 days a year. This guide details how to build an efficient and modern clinic utilizing the latest technology and leveraging what you learned in 2020. Start future-proofing your clinic and your patient experience.

The need for efficiency cannot be overstated. Smooth workflows and time-saving tools will not only help you get patients in and out more quickly, but also reduce stress and burnout for staff.  And the opportunities to be more efficient today are better than ever.

Chapter 1: Modern Efficiency

Understand six valuable strategies that high-volume clinics use to successfully manage modern patient demands and avoid staff burnout.

Chapter 2: Modern Patient Safety

Lean, impactful ways to reassure security-savvy patients of their safety and security.

Chapter 3: Retaining New Patients

Firm your grasp on the effective strategies that Experity has covered on retaining patients through patient engagement, OccMed, and primary care.

Chapter 4: A Final Note on the Modern Clinic

Stay relevant by keeping these broader ideas in mind

Chapter 5: All Urgent Care. All the Time

Explore the details that make Experity a market leader in urgent care solutions.