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Staff: 100

Number of Locations: 33+

Customer Since: 2018

Formerly Five Star Urgent Care, the company was founded in 2012 and rebranded in 2018, becoming WellNow Urgent Care to represent its priorities: fast, accessible care and exceptional service. Based in New York, WellNow sees more than 40,000 patients each month across 33 locations and has plans for continued growth across the region.

The Challenge

Efficiency, Engagement, and Insight

Focused on a growth trajectory, WellNow’s leadership team realized that if they really wanted to meet their expansion goals, they needed a configurable, scalable EMR and practice management solution created with urgent care in mind.

WellNow’s efficiency-drive charting method world require software to reflect that customized approach. The hospital specific platform they had been using needed to be replaced.

They also needed modern software that engaged patients from reservations to feedback and better data.

“The employees using the previous platform day in and day out spoke to management directly and let us know we needed to make a change to provide the best possible experience for our patients and maintain our growth trajectory,” said Joe Malzone, VP of Operations, WellNow.

“We simply didn’t have confidence in the data and reporting capabilities of our previous provider and had to invest in more advanced technology, purpose built for the on-demand care space. A one size fits all approach would simply no longer cut it.”

VP of Operations

A one size fits all approach would simply no longer cut it.

Joe Malzone
VP of OperationsWellNow

The Solution

Urgent Care-Focused Solutions

WellNow’s search for an entirely new EMR and PM lasted 14 months and included a lot of research and inquiry. Their initial conversation with Experity left the team excited about the urgent-care focused technology and the opportunity for partnership. It was clear this was the right team to transition their clinics to a more modern, sophisticated platform.

Prior to launch, Experity held weekly calls with WellNow to ensure they would have a smooth transition when implementing the new EMR/PM, patient engagement, and data intelligence solutions.

According to Director of Practice Operations, Andrea Knowles-Skowvron, “The Experity team was fully transparent and communicative every step of the way, always pushing the envelope on what would be possible for our implementation. Exactly what we look for in a technology partner.”

Exactly what we look for in a technology partner.

The Experity team was fully transparent and communicative every step of the way, always pushing the envelope on what would be possible for our implementation.

Andrea Knowles-Skowvron
Director of Practice OperationsWellNow

The Result

More efficiency. More data. More satisfied patients.

One of the biggest benefits of implementing the Experity EMR and PM was the straightforward user experience.

WellNow’s front desk staff adapted to the intuitive workflow immediately. Everything they needed to be efficient and effective was right on their home screen, helping them register patients quickly and easily. “The ease of use of the Experity platform has increased efficiencies across the board at WellNow, providing staff with the resources they need to be successful and see more patients.”

“The queuing feature was a key selling point for us when choosing Experity. In order to remain competitive in a crowded industry, this type of customer service is mandatory.”

In addition to Experity’s EMR and PM solutions, WellNow also implemented Experity Patient Engagement, a solution that shows patient wait times, allows them to reserve a place in line, and provide feedback after their visit.

In today’s market, patients want online reservations and a fast and convenient check-in process. Experity’s patient engagement platform is fully integrated into the EMR/PM, so WellNow can meet the changing expectations of their patients with efficiency.

Another important part of improving the patient experience was greater insight into how the WellNow business operated through data analysis.

“With Experity, for the first time in the company’s history, WellNow was given an in-depth look at our business performance and patient engagement,” noted Malzone.