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Number of Locations: 3, opened in 2005

Staff: 43

Patient Volume: 60-100 patients/day

Clinic Offerings: Urgent Care, Primary Care, Family Medicine

Customer Since: 2010

Company Profile

Integra Urgent Care is located in the bustling suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with a surrounding population of over 100,000 people. Integra offers patients urgent care services, with a limited amount of primary care appointments. The majority of patients are middle class, and employed in the local tech industry—or are business travelers temporarily in the area.

Integra serves self-pay patients, Medicare and Medicaid holders, and privately insured patients. The urgent care chain is family owned, and is currently comprised of three locations, having acquired their first clinic in 2005, with subsequent clinics opened in Los Colinas in 2010 and Rowlett in 2014. Integra clinics serve upwards of 50 to 100 patients per day, and offer extended week night and weekend hours.

Integra Urgent Care (formerly Parker County and Las Colinas Urgent Care) switched from paper charts to Experity in 2010. They began with using the EMR and PM to reduce the massive amount of charts they were accumulating and to improve patient data security and lookup. Originally with a third-party biller, Integra moved to Experity RCM services in 2014—and is now opening new locations with confidence.

The Challenge

Integra Urgent Care adopted Experity software after they acquired their first clinic and moved locations. The vast amount of patient charts that needed to be moved required a whole new wall to be knocked out. Experity has removed all need for paper charts—and eliminated storage needs along with improving data security.

Solution / Approach

In 2013, Integra’s third-party biller began billing directly out of Experity. Previously, they were doing double entry of claims in the third-party biller’s software. The former biller struggled with volume and nuances of urgent care claims. In 2014, Integra upgraded to Experity RCM—and has erased an unhealthy revenue cycle of a six-week backlog totaling $1 million dollars in unpaid claims. Read about specific areas where Integra has seen positive results using Experity.

Solutions Used

EXP 2021 Icons RCM

Revenue Cycle Management


Elimination of Paper & Software Design

When switching to an EMR from paper charts, Integra knew they needed a software that was efficient, but they also needed a company they could trust. While reviewing EMRs, Integra was impressed with how Experity stood out from the competition—both with the software design and the Experity staff. “[Experity] knew the product, and when we had questions, they had answers for us,” said Amit Gupta, owner and CEO at Integra. “Other software vendors wouldn’t know how to answer our questions, and they had too many pop-ups and too many screens. We loved [Experity], it was one screen, easy, seamless, and the tabs made sense. It’s a well-designed system.”

Gupta points out many factors about software design that he appreciates. He speaks specifically about the streamlined workflow navigation in Experity’s EMR, “without getting bogged down with screens in screens”. He also likes how intuitive software features eliminate staff redundancies—such as the auto generation of procedure notes in claims.

Paper charts have all but been eliminated. Gupta states that the thousands of paper charts they had before are now in secure storage and as regulation time requirements pass, the urgent care will have all patient history fully digital. And they’ll never have the “embarrassment of a lost chart again” adds Gupta, saying the security of data alone is worth having an EMR. “It’s a lot easier to be on the computer without papers falling all over the place,” Gupta continues.

Workflow Efficiencies

Integra has definitely improved time with charting shares Gupta. He estimates that charting time takes four to six minutes, including procedures completed in the exam room, while additional charting is completed outside the room. Clinics currently hold a respectable 45 minute door-to-door time.

An advocate for web-based check-in before even using Experity, Gupta knew the system he chose would need to use this feature. Using Experity online check-in, he says his patient base has “taken off” with using this convenience-based feature. Gupta estimates 40% to 50% of his patients are using online check-in. He has also reduced his door-to-door time because of the ease of placing patients on the schedule before they walk in the door.

In addition, Gupta states that coding is better and based appropriately on documentation. “On paper we were billing a lot of level 3 visits. Now on Experity we can now bill level 3 or 4 visits appropriately,” mentions Gupta. “Plus we now have legible encounter notes,” he adds with a laugh, “as we all know providers don’t have the best handwriting.”

Billing Superiority & Improved Revenue Cycle

The star improvement for Integra, however, is in their decision to use Experity RCM services. Although on the service for only several months, Integra can already tell a vast difference from their previous biller. Gupta admits it was a difficult decision to switch billers—outlining the meaning of the business relationship. With an average of five to six weeks to post payments, Integra’s billing was slipping into revenue chaos.

“Charges weren’t being filed, A/R was out of control, and claim postings were more than a month behind,” confesses Gupta. Wanting to open a new location and knowing his billing team was struggling with two locations, Gupta decided to switch to Experity, even if it meant buying out of contracts.

Experity RCM “is the most amazing thing in the world” professes Gupta, crediting the service with the ability to open his third location. “Within two months, they were caught up, and even in the first week they did a great job. Tawnya Friske (Integra’s dedicated Account Executive at Experity) was in constant communication—as opposed to their former biller “who’d take a week to reply to an email” said Gupta.

Gupta needed a scalable billing team to grow. “Experity fixed our RCM cycle, got us caught up, had a good process, and put a workflow in place.” He readily admits he wouldn’t have been able to open additional locations, if not for Experity RCM. “There was nothing good about our billing prior to Experity,” he explains. “They were built for a small clinic setting,” he says describing his former biller partner.

Integra staff were in fact coding their own charts and it was taking staff “all day” to do “90% of the billers work for them”. Now Gupta gets reports showing where all his claim statuses are and what things are on hold. Happily his 30, 60, and 90-day A/R are now meeting industry benchmarks.

“Experity RCM reports are clear, concise, and make you feel good about where you are at,” Gupta notes. Integra is enjoying a 25% increase in monthly collections (after a three month period), and Gupta is now receiving his claim collections faster. When they switched to Experity RCM, Integra had a status of 22% of current claims yet to be submitted to payers; with Experity RCM, this number has been reduced to 2% of claims. With Experity RCM, Integra is receiving 70% of claim payments in two to three weeks. Days to bill have been reduced, from a 40-day range, to two days to bill.

Final Thoughts

“The entire system from A to Z is awesome. There are a hundred good things to say about Experity,” says Amit Gupta, owner and CEO at Integra Urgent Care. “I have nothing but good to say about the product—and the people. Our staff have seen the RCM improvements and have been able to focus on what they need to. Billing has improved two fold in the past five months,” Gupta adds.

Integra Urgent Care is currently researching sites for its fourth location, and can grow confidently with Experity RCM by their side.