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Teleradiology companies have made a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. As health systems move towards a patient-centered model, teleradiology has naturally been at the frontlines, as it provides fast results for patients for less of a cost. More and more hospital systems, urgent care and primary care centers are utilizing teleradiology groups to help make sure patients receive quick and timely care.

Choosing a vendor for your teleradiology needs can be tough. There are various considerations too, and it can get confusing when comparing different companies. Here are some things to consider when on the hunt for a great teleradiology company to start working with.

Patients First

Whether you are looking for a teleradiology partner or an additional staff member, we believe that everyone who works with your center should be putting patients at the forefront. By working with vendors who prioritize patients, you will be able to guarantee that every patient who walks through your doors will be taken care of. Putting patients first can manifest in a variety of ways, but it should really boil down to quality over reads and a strong vendor relationship.

U.S. Based

Using a vendor based in the U.S. for teleradiology will not only save you a headache in terms of the time difference but also reimbursement. Most insurance companies will only reimburse for government programs if a radiologist is based in the U.S. Additionally, there could be issues around quality. Because radiology tends to see trends in regions, having a radiologist knowledgeable about those trends can help diagnosis and decrease the miss rate.

Board Certified

Having radiologists that are certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR)  is very important when searching for a teleradiology partner. It’s more than just showing a radiologist can pass a test, but it is also about quality and what is best for your business. ABR certified radiologists have to show competency in radiology yearly, so they are having to keep up with their certification.

Additionally, insurance companies will reimburse for services related to radiology only if the radiologist who performed it is ABR certified. So in order to make sure your reimbursements stay the same, making sure the vendor you choose is board certified is a must.

Getting in Touch With a Radiologists

Another important thing to consider when looking at various teleradiology companies is access to radiologists. Even though you might not think this is important right now, down the line this will be something you will absolutely want. Most vendors will have a range of radiologists in a state reading any given center at a time, however, the best-case scenario is that there is a designated radiologist for your practice. Not only is this to gain trust, but it is also to ensure quality, as this radiologist will know your center’s pain points and what to look out for.

Communicating with a radiologist who does over reads for your center should also be seamless. Here at Teleradiology Specialists, clients can reach their designated radiologist whenever they have a question. Either through the PACS system or our solutions center, you can rest easy knowing that an expert will be able to help you.

We know how important it is to make sure your center is running smoothly and efficiently. Teleradiology Specialists is dedicated to making sure your patients receive great care and you receive amazing service. Are you interested in learning more about Teleradiology Specialists? Contact us today for a free quote!

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