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“Golf and business are similar in that they both require morality, humility, focus, and hard work to become good. Companies that let these virtues dictate their day-to-day activities will ultimately succeed,” says Bryan Koch.

Sunlight is streaming through the third floor windows of the Plaza building in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Augusta National’s signature logo is being proudly displayed on Bryan Koch’s polo. And, DocuTAP’s new Executive Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management is eager for a new challenge.

Koch relishes change, and he’s prepared to bring plenty of it to DocuTAP. A Michigan State alum, Koch has held executive roles at Medac, Navicure, and Greenway Health. All three companies saw significant revenue and staffing growth during Koch’s tenure. He believes DocuTAP is capable of similar successes.

“The one thing that I’ve found is that every company is different. Every client base is different. Every employee base is different,” said Koch. “So, it’s always been a challenge for me to come in and build out the right things to fit into the culture of each company and client. And, then, really differentiate ourselves throughout the process.”

Tasked with streamlining and growing DocuTAP’s Revenue Cycle Management, Koch describes RCM’s daily responsibilities.

“We’re trying to get the physicians paid for the services they provide. Simple as that. That means filing claims to insurance companies, posting the payments that we receive for the checks, sending statements out to the patients and then posting those, taking patients phone calls, and working with insurance companies when they decide not to pay.”

In today’s volatile healthcare environment, Koch believes DocuTAP is essential to its client’s success.

“The healthcare market is dramatically changing. For the last 30, 40 years it’s been the same. Status quo. Physicians were paid based on the production. The more patients they saw and the more procedures they performed, the more money they made. You’re starting to see payers shift their philosophy around payments,” said Koch. “What they’re going to start doing is limiting providers on how they get paid. Instead of seeing 20 or 50 patients a day they’re going to make sure that the outcome of the patient is in the spotlight. What that’s going to do is change the overall structure of our software needs, our service needs. I’m confident this team is going to be able to position DocuTAP to make our clients very successful.”

Like a golfer sizing up a 9-foot birdie putt with little break, Koch has assessed DocuTAP’s culture quickly.

“The culture that I’ve experienced here at DocuTAP is not only the best that I’ve ever had or been part of, but it’s probably the best I’ve ever seen.”

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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