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Here at DocuTAP, we are lovers of accurate and efficient technology.

And we know that accurate and efficient technology comes from happy employees.

And happy employees come from a healthy work environment.

And a healthy work environment is one of DocuTAP’s best qualities.

In the words of DocuTAP founder and CEO, “It is all about the people.” Eric McDonald notes that if he could be remembered for one thing, it would be starting a company that allows employees to be authentic. DocuTAP fosters this culture of authenticity in a number of different ways, cataloged below.

Offering Ownership
The chief complaint of the average worker is feeling micromanaged. Being told when and how to do things. We believe that it is important to give employees a certain level of freedom and ownership over their work. The best and most original ideas will spur from a little creative liberation. DocuTAP approaches problem solving by identifying a problem and letting our employees solve them as they please. We like to give our employees the time and space necessary to think critically and creatively.

Opening Up
Another way that we facilitate a comfortable flow of workplace innovation is by practicing an open-door-policy. In the average workplace, employees often keep their ideas and opinions to themselves, for fear of interrupting or bothering their overseers. When employees are comfortable communicating with and pitching ideas to their department heads and executive teams, thoughts can be shared, and progress can be made. A culture of open doors and open minds is an integral element of a healthy workplace. We at DocuTAP are proud of our collaborative culture, created by open workspaces and constant communication. Even our top executives keep their doors open for drop-ins, random ideas, and small talk.

Hosting a Social Hour
It is important to keep workplace morale up, which can be especially difficult in the latter half of the week. At DocuTAP, we try to combat any inklings of exhaustion or monotony with daily, office-wide events. For us, Wednesday is cookie day; Thursday is ice cream day, and Friday is beer day. (No that is not a typo, beer Friday is a real thing.) These events offer employees a chance to step away from their desks and catch up with one another. In turn, these interactions allow employees from all departments to get to know and appreciate one another.

Promoting Health and Wellness
Finally, it is no secret that exercise and healthy eating do wonders for the mind and body. We like to maintain energy and positivity in the workplace by offering frequent health promotions. For example, we staved off lethargy by offering prizes to employees who ran, walked, or biked over 112 miles in the month of June. We also encouraged employees to utilize the company gym and attend our weekly fitness classes. It is amazing what a little endorphin boost will do for employee attitude, energy, and efficiency.

Our conclusion? We have found that if you better your employees, they will better their work.

In our next post, we will offer tips on how to create a strong work culture in your urgent care office.

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