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Experity A List Program

A List Program FAQs

What is the Experity A List program?

The Experity A List program is committed to recognizing Experity clients as innovative leaders. Our Advocacy team partners with our customers to share their success stories, celebrate their achievements, broaden their impact, and empower them to shape the future of the urgent care industry.

How do I sign up for the Experity A List program?

Experity customers can join the program by signing up at or through invitation via email from Experity. New members will receive an email confirming enrollment in the program and will progress to the A list portal to participate.

How does the A List program work?

A-listers share their experiences by participating in various activities including success stories, video testimonials, event speaking opportunities and more. A-Listers accumulate points with each activity completed. As points accumulate, A-Listers can redeem the points for rewards such as retail gift cards, event passes, swag and more.

Is it free to join the Experity A List program?

Yes. There is no cost or minimum participation threshold requirement to join the program.

Who can participate in the Experity A List program?

All customers that are currently using Experity technology can participate in the program.

I am not a Experity customer yet, can I still sign-up for the Experity A List program?

This program is intended for current Experity customers only. Once you’re an Experity customer, you can sign up to become an A-Lister and participate in all that the program has to offer.

My colleague or organization is already in the Experity A List program. Do I still need to enroll?

Yes. Experity recognizes and awards each individual for their participation in program activities. Points are earned and redeemed at the individual level instead of being pooled at the organization level. Individuals who engage in the A List program will earn badges, leaderboard status, and rewards.

What if my organization doesn’t allow public success stories?

To get the most value out of the program, we advise that you get permission from your organization to participate in the program. However, there are a number of activities you can participate in without publicly disclosing details of your employment (such as posting on social media or completing surveys).

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How do I earn and redeem rewards?

All rewards are earned by collecting points and redeemed at the individual level. Only Experity Services rewards can be redeemed at the organization level.

How do I collect points?

Every time you participate in aExperity A List program activity, you can earn points. Program points have no monetary value, do not constitute property of the Program member, and are not transferable.

What if my organization doesn’t allow me to accept gifts/rewards? Can I still participate?

Yes. Participation in the Experity A List program doesn’t require you to redeem rewards. You can still participate in the activities to earn badges, leaderboard status and participate in fun educational and networking opportunities. We do request members strictly adhere to their own corporate policies pertaining to taxation, personal income, and any prohibitions on accepting gifts/rewards.

Are Experity A List points transferable between other A-Listers or colleagues?

No. Points are earned and redeemed at the individual level and not cumulative at the organization level.

What are the points redeemable for?

You can redeem the points for rewards such as a retail gift cards, event passes, swag and more.  

A-Listers will also have access to Experity executives, industry analysts and a strong network of peers along with the opportunity to promote their organization and grow their own personal brand.

What should I do if I have a problem signing into the Experity A List site or have a question about the program?

Send an email to with the details and one of our dedicated Customer Marketing Managers will reach out and help you.

Will my Champion points ever expire?

Yes. Points will be reset on Dec 31st, 2022. After that, Experity A List Program points will be valid for one full year and they will expire at the end of each calendar year.

Can I return a reward item?

We will do our best to cancel service reward items. However, once fulfilled, there are no returns for reward items such as gift cards and merchandise.

What are the privacy and communication rules?

Please see our terms & conditions here.

How will the information I provide through the Experity A List program be used?

We are delighted to promote you & your organization’s success with Experity’s products and services. By joining the Experity A List program, you grant Experity permission to use and disclose any content that you post through the program for marketing and communication purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as quotes, video testimonials, use cases, 3rd party reviews, blogs, etc. By participating in the program, you are representing your own individual opinion and experience with Experity’s products and services. For more extensive and exclusive marketing opportunities at the institution level such as organization wide case studies and videos driven by the Customer Marketing team, we will provide each individual with a release form. Experity will take every effort to ensure published materials at the institution level is reviewed prior to release. If you are not authorized to provide consent on behalf of your institution when we engage you for these types of assets, please email so, we can provide you with an institution release form.  Experity shall be entitled to retain, and shall not be required to return, any and materials submitted by you.


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