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Urgent Care Billing Forum

A Virtual Roundtable Peer Experience

May 10th at 12pm CST

Join us for a virtual executive roundtable to connect with a powerful network of urgent care leaders that share similar priorities: crowdsourcing new ideas, sharing proven best practices, and solving critical challenges specific to today’s urgent care leaders.

Enjoy topic-based discussions moderated by industry-leading professionals:

  • End of the Public Health Emergency
  • Handling Payer Reviews
  • Contracting & Credentialing
  • Tips for Increased Accuracy

Why attend

Invaluable Community

Build a strong professional network specific to urgent cares and access the collective expertise of your peers.

Peer Collaboration

Chat with peers to validate ideas, share knowledge, give guidance, and connect in a private environment.

Actionable Insights

Validate strategies, exchange best practices, and gain practical advice that you can implement immediately within your urgent care clinics.


Phyllis Dobberstein - Headshot
Phyllis Dobberstein

Rcm compliance manager, Experity

Bernard Kimball - Headshot
bernard Kimball

Vice President of Contracting & credentialing, experity