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Streamline Your Urgent Care’s OccMed Services

Want a consistent revenue stream all year? Offering occupational medicine (OccMed) can increase patient volume — and profitability.

With integrated OccMed workflows built to align with your urgent care workflow, Experity Clinic lets you provide a better experience for patients and your team.

One Software Solution

With Experity, you get a solution that supports your urgent care and OccMed workflows in one platform. You can provide efficient and consistent care while ensuring work comp and employer-paid services are priced and billed with pinpoint accuracy.

Employer Specific Protocols

Create flexible corporate protocols to guide providers on client-required procedures with easy-to-access instructions and configurability to perform split billing.

Improve Staff Efficiency Through Better Communication

Easily communicate with your occupational health clients and reduce staff time spent answering phone calls and managing workflows through an online portal. Clients have secure access to visit information, such as arrival and discharge times, work restrictions, test results, and the redacted medical record.

Billing Automation

Increase operational efficiency by reducing staff hours and cutting down on costs spent on manual mailing tasks. With Experity’s PM, your clinic can automate employer statement delivery and send electronic claims with HIPAA-compliant attachments — providing consistency and convenience to your billing team.

Transform your clinic to a hybrid model with OccMed services — made easy by Experity. Partner with the only EMR provider that evolves at the speed of urgent care.

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