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What is DocuTAP? Good question! We’ve recently made a video that explains who DocuTAP is and what we do. We make software for urgent care clinics. Specifically, DocuTAP makes electronic health records and practice management technology. We also have revenue cycle management services for urgent cares who need help with billing and claims. And we’re located in good old Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Watch the video to meet our teams and to see what DocuTAP is all about.

DocuTAP is a company that gives back. We believe in putting others first. We have fun and pull pranks. And we are always looking for amazingly driven individuals.

Want to join DocuTAP? Find open positions on our website.

Want to see DocuTAP software or have questions for us? Contact us  to schedule a demonstration or drop us a line and tell us your story.