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A significant CPT code change will occur next year for a common ENT procedure performed in urgent cares. In 2014, the CPT code 69210 will be redefined—and will affect how you select codes to meet insurance requirements.

In the video, Beth Olivieri, Coding Manager at DocuTAP, walks you through the changes to the CPT code, and what your urgent care will need to do to meet code requirements. 

The current code description for 69210 is removal impacted cerumen (separate procedure), 1 or both ears.

The revised 2014 description will be removal impacted cerumen requiring instrumentation, unilateral. For cerumen removal that is not impacted or does not require instrumentation (e.g. by irrigation only), see E/M service codes.

How will this CPT code change impact your urgent care? Three important revisions to the description are worth noting:

1. The specification that the code requires instrumentation.

2. The designation as a unilateral code (instead of for one or both ears, as in previous years). Thus, you will need to use the code twice if the procedure is performed on both ears.

3. The separate procedure designation was removed.

Prepare your urgent care for this important CPT code change. Please share the above information and video with your staff and billing coders.