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Sixteen years ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Kevin DiBenedetto and Dr. Graham Tujague saw the need for more cost-effective and efficient healthcare models.

In 1999, they partnered with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center to form one of the first joint ventures between a health system and an urgent care organization. Today, Premier Health Urgent Care has approximately 40 locations, treating over 350,000 patients a year.

One thing that drew Premier Health to DocuTAP was the ease of customization to fit physician-specific practice patterns. “The system itself is designed to encourage patient flow and minimize wait times—and that’s the name of the game in urgent care,” said Steve Sellars, Chief Executive Officer for Premier Health and Urgent Care Association of America Board Director.

DocuTAP had a great time visiting Premier Health (Lake After Hours Urgent Care) in Baton Rouge this past fall and seeing firsthand how DocuTAP is helping Premier Health craft a better patient experience. Watch the video above to hear their story.