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Urgent Care Consultants

Urgent Care Consultants is now Experity Consulting.

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Founded in 2003, Urgent Care Consultants (UCC) was formed to provide expert guidance to urgent care startups who wanted to join in the success of the growing healthcare industry. Under the leadership of Dr. David Ste, and endorsed by the Urgent Care Association (UCA), UCC gained national attention as the go-to provider of startup consulting.

As a vital component of Practice Velocity’s business, it grew in success and influence with the company. Urgent Care Consultants was included in the 2019 merger of DocuTAP and Practice Velocity, two of the leading technology solutions providers in the urgent care industry, creating Experity, a Warburg Pincus Portfolio Company. As a result of this merger, Urgent Care Consulting is now Experity Consulting.

The service is an important part of the Experity software and services suite which includes:

With the establishment of Experity in 2019, the combined Practice Velocity and DocuTAP team continues to innovate technology solutions and services to elevate healthcare based on the demands of today’s patients. The company continues to provide the same expert consulting services that Urgent Care Consultants’ customers are accustomed to receiving.

With startup and expansion consulting services and other valuable resources available to Experity, expect to see even more innovation and new products in the future from the leader in the on-demand healthcare space.

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