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The Ultimate Guide to Patient Engagement

With so many options and the list still growing, urgent care patients can be fickle. If you want to win their hearts—and their repeat business—delivering an exceptional patient experience is essential. Technology can help raise your level of engagement, but it takes more than online appointments. In this eBook you’ll find technology-based solutions, tips, and smart ways to create a patient experience that builds your business and gives patients a reason to choose you when they’re looking for urgent care.

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5 Key Urgent Care Performance Indicators

Full and accurate reimbursement from patients and payers is essential to the health of your urgent care. Like a health problem that goes untreated, financial issues when ignored can turn into an emergency. To ensure your reimbursement processes are contributing to your financial success, you need to look at various aspects of your clinic data—not just the overarching numbers. Stay on top of your financial health with by paying attention to these five super-important KPIs.

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