EMR Software Gets Personal with Customization

Do you remember the days before Microsoft Word, when people used (gasp) paper and typewriters? If you do, you know how amazing it was to switch from the cumbersome task of typing to the relative ease of word processing. If not, ask your parents how cool it was. All of a sudden a blank digital page appeared on your computer. You had margins, font choices, a basic layout, and the power to erase information without wasting a whole sheet of paper.

EMRs are no different in the story of technological improvements to society. They offer vast capabilities to healthcare over previous patient documentation, namely tedious paper-based recording doctors have done for centuries. Sure, paper is flexible, but it also isn’t uniform in layout, can be easily lost, doesn’t allow for auto-coding, and isn’t quickly searchable for reporting data.

EMRs offer the empowerment of streamlined electronic health recording, the ease of internet access, the ability to create specific workflow management, and the convenience of a single place to store and retrieve data.

Now and again you hear providers talk about feeling boxed in by EMRs, by inflexible functionality. Not all EMRs are created equal. Some EMRs are more robust and customizable than others, like DocuTAP which is made specifically for urgent care. We know one size does not fit all—and we’re not content with the vanilla approach. We like sprinkles and whip cream.

That’s why we make as many features and functions in our EMR as customizable as possible to ensure software is personalized to each individual clinic’s needs. For example, DocuTAP lets you configure settings like provider templates, third-party interfaces, scheduling, forms and educational material, and reports. We’ve already lost count of how many things you can alter to help your workflow.

The improvement EMRs have offered healthcare is as vast as word processing to the general public over decades ago. Still want more? The good news is EMRs will improve over time. This is just the beginning. Sure, all software has limitations, but it also allows us to do way more, much faster than we ever did before. In the right hands, technology can be a powerful tool for growth, creation, and betterment—if we let it.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.