Should Teleradiology Be in Primary Care Practices?

When teleradiology services were introduced into the industry, it was initially to help fill in the gaps among solo radiologists in rural areas, but now it has flourished into an industry that has helped transform how care is delivered to patients.

But the question remains: should your primary care office offer radiology services with the help of a teleradiology partner? When it comes to primary care physicians helping patients get x-rays, most refer to a local radiology group or hospital to receive scans and readings. This practice is very widely accepted, especially for primary care offices that are tied to larger hospital systems.

However, with the current state of primary care and the emphasis on enhancing the patient experience, we believe that partnering with a trusted teleradiology company is what could take your practice to the next level.

The Current State of Primary Care

There are distinct challenges that the primary care sector of the healthcare industry faces. What once used to be the highly revered position of primary care doctor has now become somewhat trivial as the pay for primary care doctors has dramatically decreased.

Hospitals are taking on fewer residents that want to go into primary care, as physicians that study specialties are more likely to bring in increased revenue. Many news sources have reported the decline in millennial patients as many do not have a primary care doctor. This phenomenon has taken the industry by surprise, as more millennials are going to urgent cares to get the care they need.

Counteractively, there continues to be a physician shortage, mainly hitting primary cares. This posing threat could peak within the next decade, which means organizations are trying to find creative ways to help patients receive proper care.

Even though there is surmountable evidence to show that primary care physicians are a key to long term health of patients, centers are struggling to understand what they can do to keep up within the healthcare industry.

Improvement of Patient Experience

One solution that has recently received attention is contributing more time and resources to enhancing the patient experience. Healthcare has become hyper-focused on the patient experience over the last few years. Many branches of the healthcare field are taking strides to make sure patients are at the center of what they do and are treated fairly.

Utilizing teleradiology services is something that could drastically improve your center and patient experience. Studies show that general practices that partner with a teleradiology group and offer CT, MRI and x-ray scans at their office have higher levels of patient satisfaction, especially in areas that are more rural. Instead of making the decision to send patients elsewhere to get a scan, practices are helping patients receive care at a faster rate from a provider that they know and trust.

Teleradiology and Primary Care: The Perfect Fit

Here at Teleradiology Specialists, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of patient care, which includes the overall experience at your center. By highlighting the patient experience, you are telling patients that they are your priority, giving them more incentive to return.

We are dedicated to the success of our clients and ensuring patients receiving the best care possible, which is why we believe that primary care and teleradiology are a great match.

You should be able to give your patients exceptional care at an affordable rate. If you are interested in learning more about Teleradiology Specialists and the services we offer, call us today!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.