Practice Velocity is hiring thanks to continued growth!

We’ve all had our fill of news stories featuring the “down-economy dead horse” that just won’t seem to die. And the economic climate of the Rockford region in northern Illinois, where Practice Velocity is located, is no different. With an unemployment rate that peaked at nearly 20% in January of 2010 and dropped to a less-than-comfortable 13.7% this January, Practice Velocity’s hometown has been hit hard by the Great Recession. But for Practice Velocity, it couldn’t be a more exciting time. We have continued to grow at such a steady rate that we found ourselves with the need to hire for more than 30 fulltime positions added at the beginning of 2011 – despite the poor economic climate in our area. To solve the “problem” of recruiting for so many additional positions, we hosted a job fair at the beginning of March that was met with great success.

Nearly 400 job seekers attended, and PV staff from various departments spent more than four hours trying to interview as many of them as possible. Not only has the company continued to grow, but we have been able to provide jobs to an area stricken by high unemployment.

The local news media seemed to agree. Several news stories featuring Practice Velocity’s job fair appeared in print and on TV, most using Practice Velocity’s hiring as a positive sign that the local economy is finally turning around.

Practice Velocity has been the leader in software solutions for the urgent care industry, and we’re happy to also lead the charge into an economic upswing, both locally and nationally. Thanks to the great leaders who ran the job fair so professionally. A special recognition is due to Practice Velocity staffers Monica Klosa, Linda Gumm, Kathy Holcomb, and Mika Doyle.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.