Webinar Details

Recorded | Friday, April 3 at 12:00pm

We are experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times. COVID-19 is not only impacting the way in which we interact with patients, but it’s impacting our business. Watch this roundtable discussion with Urgent Care Operators and Experity Executive leadership. We offer tips for how to manage your clinics while the world social distances.

What you’ll learn

  • Current industry visit volume trends
  • Best practices for leveraging digital media to market your clinic and services during the outbreak
  • See a demo of Experity’s free COVID-19 Check-In, Triage, Texting and Telemedicine App
  • Hear from urgent care operators, and learn how to join the conversation as we support one another

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About the Hosts

David Stern

As a medical doctor, David learned firsthand that providing a remarkable patient experience is the key for healthcare clinics to stay relevant and be profitable. With this insight, he set out to develop urgent care-specific solutions that put patients first. With Experity, he remains focused on patients, helping to shape the urgent care industry, and developing solutions that ensure the success of clinics coast to coast.

Callan Young

As the newest leader on the Experity team, Callan Young, SVP of Marketing, refuses to be a follower, which has driven her success as a strategic marketing leader. She brings 12+ years of experience in the B2B hypergrowth software space helping companies align their go to market plans with their customers’ needs. Callan works hard to make herself, those she works with, and her customers better marketers and leaders.

Christina Boyd

Christina’s secret to success is her love of speaking and working with clients. But creating plans and processes that help clients overcome obstacles to their success is her superpower. As our SVP of Client Experience and Implementation, Christina can clearly see the business side of on-demand healthcare, break it down, and share it in ways that build customer confidence and get them big results, which she has been doing for Experity for the last nine years.