Let’s Get it Started

How a culture of initiation leads to innovation

The most difficult thing about writing is starting. That’s true for the novelist, the term-paper writer, and yes, the blogger. It’s relatively easy to come up with ideas. They’re always running through your head.  But at some point, you have to translate all that into coherent thought. You have to sit down.

You have to start.

Some of us—probably most of us—have had ideas that we wanted to put into action. Maybe they were good, workable ideas. Maybe they were awful. Perhaps they were great. We’ll never know, because we never gave it a shot. We failed to initiate.

As Seth Godin states in his most recent book, Poke the Box, “The simple thing that separates individuals from those who languish is the very thing that separates exciting and growing organizations from those that stagnate and die. The winners have turned initiation into a passion and a practice.”

Creating a climate of innovation first requires the granting of permission to initiate. That does inject more risk into the business environment, and heightens the possibility of failure. But it also releases the runners and set the table for some spectacular success.

Does your clinic or technology organization encourage initiation, the necessary precursor to innovation? If so, how? We’d love to hear your stories. Email them to me at Kelby@docuTAP.com.  We’ll pick our favorites and share your stories with our audience – protecting the innocent by removing names!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.