Join Experity’s own Monte Sandler, Adam Steinberg, and Phyllis Dobberstein as they summarize the 2021 Final Rule, share the clinical, operational, and financial impact on the urgent care market, and provide their best tips about how clinics can prepare for the changes.

The current E/M coding guidelines have been in effect for more than 25 years despite the fact that the healthcare industry has experienced momentous change. With new techniques, drugs, protocols, and restriction on how practitioners practice, it’s time for a change. And in 2021, CMS will unveil their new guidelines for E/M coding.



About the Hosts

Adam Steinberg

Adam understands that life moves pretty fast. He approaches customers and team with the understanding that they want what he wants—positive life and work experiences. He believes if we listen, learn, and solve problems, we can deliver an experience that fosters growth for our company, our clients, and the entire team.

Monte Sandler

In the RCM arena, goals matter. Monte is committed to goals—not just setting them—but exceeding them through exceptional execution. A change-maker in the healthcare financial arena, Monte has helped healthcare organizations coast to coast achieve their financial goals through partnering with them as they institute best practices and proven processes. By helping our customers better manage their revenue cycle, Monte and his team help them succeed in the competitive urgent care market. It’s good for them, their patients, the company, and the industry.

Phyllis Dobberstein

Born and raised in suburban Minneapolis, Phyllis has spent her professional career in the world of billing and compliance—guiding teams around the obstacles and over the hurdles that interfere with full compliance. She believes that education and communication are key to creating and nurturing a culture of compliance. “Everyone wants to do the right thing. My role is to make sure everyone knows the right thing—both within the company and our clients.” As the company’s Compliance and Privacy Officer, Phyllis supports the company’s RCM efforts by providing education, helping to develop best practices and standards policies, and ensuring compliant documentation, not only for Experity, but for all of our customers.