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What is the average wait time for urgent care patients? Watch this DocuTAP DataBrief to find out.

If your patients wanted to wait on a doctor appointment, they probably wouldn’t be at your urgent care. Getting patients in and out is a key to building your business. But what’s the average wait time for urgent care patients? According to DocuTAP research reported in the Urgent Care Quarterly, that depends on how patients schedule their visit.

There can be a significant difference not only in wait time, but in the way patients react to the wait.

At every patient touch point, you have an opportunity to streamline the process and prove that your practice understands the need for convenience and the importance of providing an experience focused on patient satisfaction.

Technology can play an important role in making healthcare more convenient. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I giving my patients scheduling options?
  • Does my technology communicate wait times and delays to patients?
  • How much time am I saving by getting patient information online?
  • Does my PM prevent duplication of effort and share information with my EMR?
  • Does my EMR make suggestions about treatment for common diagnoses?
  • Does my EMR makes suggestions about appropriate visit coding?
  • Does my software make simplify check-out?

Think about your answers and the ways you can reduce the average wait times for your patients and compare it with industry benchmarks.

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