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It was a day 14 years in the making. Laughter, smiles, and hearty embraces filled the second and third floors of the Plaza building in downtown Sioux Falls. With the help of Lloyd Companies, DocuTAP has breathed new life into the Plaza, housing what many call the Silicon Valley of South Dakota.

For CEO and Founder Eric McDonald, the ribbon cutting celebration for DocuTAP’s new home was a time of reflection and encouragement.

“When I started this the idea of an EMR, the idea of a piece of software that would document everything that could go wrong with the human body on a tablet didn’t exist in 1999. There were a lot of people that told me ‘Hey, it will never happen. You won’t be able to do it.’ So, for all of the entrepreneurs out there that have an idea, that want to start something, this is my encouragement to you to go do it. Have faith and use the God-given talents and abilities you have for something amazing,” said McDonald.

More than 275 local business leaders were in attendance, including Mayor Mike Huether and members of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Huether applauded DocuTAP’s growth, innovation, and commitment to healthcare.

“This man (Eric) and DocuTAP are truly entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. They’ve identified a need and then they ultimately filled it. They’re doing it in a big, big way. Eric and team, the healthcare industry is certainly thankful. The South Dakota Technology Business Center has got to be proud. Downtown Sioux Falls, my goodness, you must be thrilled. And, yes, the city of Sioux Falls is very proud of you. Proud of the DocuTAP employees. There are 200 plus of you employees, but I can’t believe that Eric and DocuTAP are done growing yet. A hearty congratulations on behalf of the people of this town,” said Mayor Huether.

Before encouraging guests to tour the building, demo the software, and enjoy live music, McDonald thanked his family ” including his wife, Julie, and five children. McDonald also thanked early investor Dr. Lowell Hyland, CFO Jarrod Heinz, and his father-in-law and original investor, Jan Schuiteman.

“Jan, I know I told you it would take about six months to build the company. I know that we’re on year 14. I appreciate your patience,” McDonald said laughing. In closing, McDonald recognized the DocuTAP team, saluting their vision for the new building and the culture they’ve helped create. “Probably the coolest part about DocuTAP is the talent we have here and the leadership we’ve been able to attract over the years.”

DocuTAP is excited to continue its commitment to the healthcare industry and the city of Sioux Falls.

About DocuTAP:
DocuTAP provides urgent care practices with an innovative approach to workflow management. Its flagship product, DocuTAP’s EMR and Practice Management software, fully integrates practice management and electronic medical records capabilities in one complete system. DocuTAP software features automated and customizable tools that enhance healthcare providers’ ability to deliver and manage patient care. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is committed to improving the delivery of high-quality healthcare. For more information on DocuTAP, visit

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