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Urgent Care.

Get Urgent Care Resources to Help You Evolve

In 2020, symptoms are different, coding is different, and the urgent care you provide patients is different. You need the information and resources to help you navigate a landscape where everything seems new, and nothing is normal.

These resources make it easier to evaluate your practice, set priorities, and adapt or establish new service lines.

  • UCQ—The Pandemic Issue + Timeline
  • The Giant eBook for Adding OccMed to your Urgent Care
  • Forrester TEI infographic
  • Primary Care Works for Urgent Care Fact Sheet
  • OccMed Works for Urgent Care Fact Sheet

With the right information and connected solutions built for urgent care, you can keep your business moving forward, make smart changes, and continue to do what you do best, provide the care your patients need.

“At a time when the urgent care industry is experiencing significant change and demand, it’s critical that clinics evolve strategically and swiftly. Patient engagement is part of that.”
Tim Dybvig, Experity SVP Patient Engagement