MIPS Reporting Resource

Let Experity guide you through the 2019 MIPS process.

For your convenience, we’ve partnered with Premier Health Solutions – a qualified registry that can submit to CMS for all three MIPS components: Quality, Improvement Activities, and Promoting Interoperability. Cost will be calculated based on claims data submitted to CMS.


Clinicians will have access to their data through the remainder of the reporting year by enrolling in Premier’s Registry (also known as the PCPR) today. Getting into the PCPR early allows you to view MIPS data for all providers under your TIN (not just those who are eligible to participate) for the 2019 reporting year.


Knowing approximately each provider’s MIPS score and your group’s score at the end of the year means a lower cost for submission.


Please note that this service is available only to Experity DocuTAP EMR/PM users.



Quality Analytic Dashboard:
$1500 per TIN – the PCPR dashboard will allow all providers under the TIN to view their Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities (if added) for the reporting year for all providers.

$150 per TIN/NPI for MIPS submission

Manually with Experity’s software Data Extract

With this option, you will submit on your own with the data extracted from Experity’s software.

  • 2019 MIPS Quality Data Extract – $500 fee per extract per database*
  • 2019 MIPS Promoting Interoperability Data Extract – $500 fee per data extract per database*
  • 2019 Quality and Promoting Interoperability Data Extract – $800 fee per data extract per database*

*The data extract file format has been established based on software requirements from its MIPS reporting vendor. Any modifications of the existing format will be considered a custom development request. Custom development requests require scope and prioritization review, and a separate service order after approval.