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Urgent Care Connect


Billing Pros Track

Get paid for the services you provide by mastering billing best practices and using your data to find and remove revenue obstacles.

  • Understanding the Complexities of the Insurance Process – Download
  • Decoding Urgent Care Metrics to Optimize Billing – Download
  • Identifying (and Resolving) Common Billing Pitfalls – Download
  • The Life of a Claim – Download
  • Effectively Documenting Medical Decision Making – Download
  • Ask The Experts: Costly Provider Coding Mistakes to Avoid – Download

Clinical Pros Track

Recenter your practice on traditional urgent care services transformed by new learnings, modern functionality, and a thorough understanding of today’s on-demand healthcare market.

  • Patient Engagement – Software or Strategy? – Download
  • Honing Your Occupational Medicine Strategy for Optimal Returns – Download
  • How Online Tools Drive Visit Volume – Download
  • Revisiting Operational Basics – Download
  • Understanding Changing Expectations of the Urgent Care Setting – Download
  • Let Your Clinical Analytics Steer Your Strategy – Download

Executives Track

An exclusive, executive-level exploration of industry trends, business growth, and the future of on-demand care.

  • Adding Specialist Services for Growth and Revenue – Download
  • Managing Staff Workloads with Fluctuating Patient Volumes – Download
  • From Mid to Enterprise: Preparing for Mergers and Acquisitions – Download
  • Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Building Value: Enterprise Q&A – Download
  • Managing Costs to Boost Your Bottom Line – Download
  • The Value of Positive Culture: Creating Trust, Authenticity, and Connection in the Workplace – Download