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Dr. Thom Mayer

Medical Director, NFL Players Association

The Patient Experience Beyond the Ordinary: Leadership is Worthless, Leading is Priceless

Dr. Mayer’s guest keynote will challenge you to ask the right question — “How will I lead myself and my team today?” By helping to embrace that leading occurs — no matter what job you do — in everything you do, you’ll leave inspired to lead yourself, your team, and your family.


Dr. Thom Mayer

Breakout Sessions

Growth and Strategy

Explore industry trends, best business practices, and growth opportunities that will take your clinic to the next level.

  • Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions in Urgent Care – Download
  • Revitalizing Business Through a Look at the Past – Download
  • Strategies to Best Leverage Business Analytics – Download
  • Current Obstacles and Opportunities with Staffing – Download
  • Engaging Employees for Better Business Outcomes – Download
  • Why Differential Diagnosis is Crucial: For Business – Download

User Experience

Product experts share how to use Experity solutions to improve performance, clinic operations, and the patient experience.

  • Lessons Learned in an Experity Clinic – Download
  • The Patient Journey Starts at Intake – Download
  • Improving Patient Payment Collections – Download
  • Critical Charting Practices: Clarifying Risk and Differential Diagnosis – Download
  • Why Differential Diagnosis is Crucial: For Providers – Download
  • Using Post-Visit Engagement to Drive Repeat Visits – Download

Mastering Billing

Industry billing experts explain how to master the unique complexities of your urgent care clinic’s billing.

  • Working as a Team to Improve Revenue Collection – Download
  • Proper Billing for Non-physician Practitioners – Download
  • Effectively Preventing and Addressing Audits – Download
  • Identifying and Resolving Common Billing Errors – Download
  • Reducing Eligibility Denials – Download
  • E/M Coding Best Practices – Download

Experity Training

Learn from Experity’s expert trainers to improve workflows, optimize revenue realization, increase patient satisfaction, and use your EMR/PM to it’s full potential using proven best practices. Take a deep dive with Experity’s training team into valuable features and functionality to make a positive impact on your day-to-day and long-term success.