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A look inside

Refining front desk efficiency sets up your entire clinic to be more successful — not only around revenue potential and patient satisfaction, but also staff morale. Learn what experts have found through years of experience to be the fastest, most effective ways to improve efficiency at the heart of your urgent care.

Chapter One


Learn why this is one of the most effective tools to improve claim acceptance and patient throughput, and how to make the most of it.

Chapter Two

In-Person Registration

Build a checklist that ensures consistent accuracy and also captures the right information to help you speed up registration and reduce time spent in the exam room.

Chapter Three

Best Practices for the Patient Experience

See how fine tuning can make or break the patient’s wait experience, most of which you can leverage immediately.

Chapter Four

Hiring and Training Tips

Know how to identify the right candidate for your front desk staff and what you can do to create a strong orientation program.

Chapter Five

Tools for Success

Further fuel efficiency with tools that automate tasks, track data, and provide feedback that will help you grow successfully.