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Here we are, at the final mistake to avoid when opening an urgent care. Opening an urgent care can be a profitable venture, if you avoid the common mistakes that are often made.

Mistake 6 – Not Having a Website or Clear Outdoor Signage

Have a clinic name picked out and your marketing budget set? Now, how are you going to reach your patient base? The best way to advertise 24/7 is to have your own website.Think of it as a permanent advertisement and information source for your clinic, available to anyone with an Internet connection. With patient-centric healthcare becoming the norm, your clinic needs to meet web-savvy patients where they are—online. Not only does a well-designed, user-friendly website help give your clinic credibility, it also creates a good first impression and builds an online presence.
In 2012, Manhattan Research conducted a survey of 5,210 adults who use the Internet as a health resource. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they did online research to decide what services they might need and who should provide them. 5 On your website, your clinic can post services offered, physician info, hours, contact info, directions to your clinic, and patient resources. Adding social media channels that link back to your website can help grow visits.
Website promotions and helpful content such as a blog with health tips can also improve SEO traffic to your website. However, it’s important to maintain up-to-date copy on your blog and social media to ensure you’re providing beneficial, timely info to patients.
Registering with local online business directories and with urgent care directories is also recommended. Free tools like Google Analytics can help you track website performance. Ensure your website is listed on all your print marketing items—like brochures, t-shirts, and fliers. If possible, add a tracking question, like “How did you hear about us?”, to your patient form.
Physical signage is a given for a new clinic to attract patients. So you’d be surprised how many clinics don’t focus on creating legible, easy-to-view signs. Signs should not only be on the front of your building but also on marquees or in highly visible places within your parking lot. Ensure text is large and in a readable font. If the name of your clinic might not include the phrase “urgent care”, this should be added so your clinic clearly communicates your offerings.
Bottom Line: Create a website, offer valuable patient information online, and design clear, visible signage for your clinic.

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