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Hurray! We’re halfway through our six-part series on mistakes to avoid when opening an urgent care. Did you get a chance to read the last mistake to avoid? Our goal is to help you know all the common oversights that new urgent care owners tend to make—so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Mistake 3 – Not Choosing the Correct Location

Land and building price are often the determining factor when choosing your clinic’s location. However, the mistake of not reviewing nearby competition can be detrimental to your patient volume. Consider current clinics already in your area before choosing a spot. Existing clinics recommend being at least five miles from the nearest competitor. Also consider ease of access via major roadways—in addition to the proximity to residential and commercial areas.

Because of the reliance on consistent walk-ins, most urgent cares are located in high traffic areas, such as on busy roads, local malls, or nearby (sometimes even inside of) retail locations or pharmacies. 4 Corner locations can be desirable as it allows your clinic to be seen by traffic from multiple directions. Remember to think outside your local community, too. Would you get more patients in a nearby city or town that has less healthcare options? Do your research first before picking your place.

Bottom Line: Research local competition, think about traffic volume, and consider nearby communities or suburbs.

4 Segall, Eli. (2013, April). “Need healthcare? You can head to a Wal-Mart or a strip mall”.

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What was the top criteria for you when choosing where to open your urgent care? Tell us! Also, be sure to read the next common mistake when opening an urgent care—it’s a vital one not to trip up on—coming soon.