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We're featuring some of our partners on the blog this week. We continue our Q&A series with Owl Now Urgent Care.

DocuTAP: Why urgent care medicine?

Owl Now Urgent Care: We want to give people healthcare options. We think we provide a much needed service for people. We like that we can save people from sitting in a hospital emergency room for hours. We like the smiles on their faces when we have diagnosed and treated them and know they will be better soon. Plus, there is nothing better than a hug from a child who is no longer scared or hurt. Here are some Urgent Care facts to consider:

  • The average copay savings for an urgent care visit versus an ER visit is $75.
  • The average wait time saved by choosing an urgent care over the ER is 45 minutes.
  •  The average percentage of ER visits that are not true medical emergencies is 85%.
  • The average amount saved by choosing an urgent care over the ER is $401.

DocuTAP: How long have you been in business? 

Owl Now Urgent Care: Since 2005. It’s our 10 year anniversary! Happy Birthday to our mascot, Otis the Owl!

DocuTAP: What do you enjoy most about providing urgent medicine?  

Owl Now Urgent Care: We provide a much needed service to our community, and we provide options to the people in our community.  Our providers and medical support staff like the variety of cases they get to see in an urgent care. There is a wide variety of illnesses and injuries they get to treat which they may not otherwise get to treat if they were working in a specialist or primary care office. 

DocuTAP: Describe an ideal patient experience.

Owl Now Urgent Care: The ideal patient experience is one in which we have given excellent care to you, your loved one or family member, and you walk out the door knowing that if and when the situation arises again that you will need urgent care, you will return to our office without hesitation.

DocuTAP: How does DocuTAP help your business?  

Owl Now Urgent Care: In the 10 years we have been in business, we never had an EMR that we were able to use front to back until DocuTAP. DocuTAP provides us with the tools necessary to provide not only the required patient documentation, but also to submit clean claims in a timely fashion and get reimbursed for the services we provide. DocuTAP’s support team is and has been available ANYTIME we need them and we don’t feel that we’ve been put on the back burner. We have developed more than a business relationship with DocuTAP and we feel like we are talking to someone we know and trust. We feel more like a partner than just a client.

DocuTAP: What would you tell someone that hasn’t visited an urgent care center before?

Owl Now Urgent Care: That an urgent care provides an option to the typical Emergency Room visit, and offers fast service, convenience, and affordable care.

To learn more about Owl Now Urgent Care, watch the video below.