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Everybody has a philosophy when it comes to buying gear such as skis, bikes or running equipment. Some people like to dip their toe in a sport by buying the base model, thinking that it will work just fine as they hone their skills. However, most people quickly outgrow base-level gear as they progress, finding themselves in need of better equipment that can go where they want to take it. This philosophy can prove expensive and frustrating to those who are serious about growth and development. It is not enjoyable to be held back by equipment that should help us reach new heights.

Other people might spend hours doing their homework or consulting with experts and then commit to a sport by buying the best. They know that their gear has more features than they need today, but they’re already looking ahead to tomorrow.

The same can be said for EHR software.  There are a lot of products out there that work fine just out of the box.  They take little effort to implement and they’ll do the trick -for awhile. They are designed for the weekend warrior dipping their toe in the water. However, they cannot grow with your clinic as you expand your EHR needs.  These companies know they are selling you a base model and they are banking on the fact that you might want to dip your toe in the water.

DocuTAP has a different philosophy that offers the best of both worlds.  We offer a turnkey solution that you can use right away. DocuTAP comes out of the box especially for you, designed to meet your clinic’s needs. We make it our mission to help you and your staff quickly and efficiently manage patient visits from registration to payment management by providing unparalleled customer support.  What makes DocuTAP unique is that we also take a partnership approach that covers the entire product lifestyle.  During our initial interview with you and your staff we are already listening for how DocuTAP can meet your needs in the future. This means that when you’re ready to do more with your software, we are too. We are banking of the fact that your clinic is prime for growth and that you expect to reach great peaks with the equipment you have.

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