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Hello! My name is Kyle Erickson. I am a Senior Support Specialist for Practice Velocity. Lately we’ve gotten some questions about ePrescribe – our functionality with ePrescribe and our vendor, NewCrop – mainly questions pertaining to failed or delayed prescriptions either not reaching the pharmacy at all, or in some cases having a 15, 20, 30-minute delay sometimes in reaching its destination. So, I’d actually like to dive in with you guys and show you how you can actually resolve this issue or problem without – even in some cases – getting ahold of us. So, I’d like to dive in and show you guys that today.

So, you’ll see that I’m already in the patient’s chart, and I’m on the A&P tab. Now in the A&P tab you’ll go under medications, and then launch prescription window. Now keep in mind the prescriber or someone with prescribing privileges is going to have to do this. So, when you launch the prescribing window, it’s going to open up in the patients under compose rx – almost as if you’re putting in a new medication. So, it’s going to show their current meds and any previous or discontinued medications. So, to fix though the issue that we’re having in the sense that this pharmacy called and said we never got the prescription that you told the patient you sent over. To fix that issue, we’ll find that patient’s current medication that you sent. We’ll click on this little magnifying glass right next to edit. This little magnifying glass actually takes us and shows us the status of this medication in terms of how it was filled out, when it was finalized, who did it – things like that. And then you’ll also see the transmission log a little bit below that. And the transmission log is the area that we’re looking for. So, you’ll see, it shows that I printed this medication, and you’ll also see that I attempted to electronically fax this medication. Now it gives the status, whether it was queued. Now the next part after this would be a successful medication send. If it failed it would have a status failure, and it would give a detailed message that’s indicated why that may have failed. If it did fail you would see another option on here that says report failed prescription. And when you do that, that actually sends out an alert, or almost like a message, to NewCrop, our vendor, who investigates why that prescription failed. Once they have the results of that investigation, they send that back to us in support in an email. And then we contact the clinic staff or the provider themselves and let them know what the results of that investigation were.

Now, the instance we’re going to show you right now is report missing prescription because this requires a little bit more entry of data. Click on report missing prescription. It takes you to the next screen where it wants a little bit more in terms of who you were contacted by – the patient or the pharmacy. If it was someone the pharmacy, what was that person’s name? And then what did the pharmacy or patient say? Was it delayed? Did it not make it at all? And then you hit report missing rx. Similar to a failed prescription, that data is sent over to NewCrop, who then investigates that as well. And similar also to failed prescription, they send us back the results of that investigation. And then we get with the clinic staff or the provider and let them know what they found.

So that is ePrescribe in terms of handling some of the most common issues or problems with missing or failed prescriptions. If you guys have any questions or for the walk-through, please reach out to us over at Customer Support. Our phone number – 866-995-9863. Or email us directly at, where either myself or one of my teammates will be more than happy to help you out. Hope this was helpful for you guys and you guys have yourself a good one!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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