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Tip #1: Create a fun and interactive Facebook page for urgent care marketing.

A Facebook presence is a must for your marketing campaign. Statistics show that consumer interactions with brands on Facebook has increased 176% this past year. Plus, if you only have time for one social media outlet Facebook is the choice for urgent  care, as 80% of social media users in the U.S. prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.

One of the ways you can give your urgent care clinic a face and a personality in your community is to show on your Facebook page how your urgent care is staffed with real people, with families in their community. Be authentic. Grab their attention. Post engaging content such as videos, pictures, exclusive offers, and questions. Share candid photos of your staff doing things that are out of the ordinary.

You should also engage with people who are asking questions. Comment on posts they are making. Successful business profiles routinely interact with consumers on their brand page by answering wall posts and comments.

One great idea was executed by Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care in North Carolina a few years ago. Their owner Sister Marie and CEO Tim said they would dye their hair blue if staff met their United Way fundraising goal. Guess what? The staff did meet their goal. And Sister Marie and Tim posted a photo of their blue ‘dos on Facebook.

After Hours Pediatrics Care has Trivia Tuesday with prizes available to whoever answers the trivia question first. They also host a holiday card drawing contest and post kids’ drawings on their Facebook page. These are both great opportunities for people to interact, and one of the reasons After Hours has so many “likes” on their Facebook page.

Make your Facebook page interactive, fun, and show that you are real people. You will garner more “likes” and be more effective in your marketing campaign.

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