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Lifestyle within the urgent care industry can be draining. The fast paced environment and long work hours can cause serious burnout in medical providers and staff members.

Burnout can look different for everyone. Some staff members might be more closed off and want to be alone, while others might express more frustration or apathy towards their work. Whatever the vehicle, burnout is a reality for a lot of providers.

Here are three ways that you can help your doctors and medical staff stay refreshed and ready to help patients.

  1. Encourage work-life balance

    While it is not mandatory, encourage your employees or coworkers to spend time with family and friends or just doing something they love. Whether it’s making sure that they are heading home on time or creating fun moments outside the urgent care setting, making sure your employees are refreshed and enjoying life outside of work will ultimately help steer off burnout in the long run.

  2. Delegate tasks to other staff members

    If providers feel bogged down by admin tasks or other duties, try to alleviate that pressure through delegation. While not every assignment can come off the providers plate, there might be room to remove one or two tasks from their responsibilities so providers do not feel as overwhelmed.

  3. Support schedule flexibility

    Some providers might prefer to work a regular schedule, but an option you can offer is a flexible schedule that can cater to the provider. A provider can choose to work longer days and have more time off during the weekend or to work shorter shifts with intermittent breaks. Giving the provider this option might help alleviate stress with conflicting family schedules and will keep that provider focused.

Keeping your providers and medical staff members happy and refreshed while at work is a vital component in combating burnout. Practice Velocity is dedicated to helping our clients in any way we can, and helping providers stay happy is one way to do that.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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