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The insurance market playing field is becoming a rough terrain. A few large insurance companies are consuming other insurance companies, changing the dynamics of competition in the field.

Anthem and Aetna have dominated headlines in recent weeks as they seek to acquire Cigna and Humana, respectively. If the two mergers proceed, Anthem would insure about 53 million members and Aetna would cover 33 million. The consolidation of major players in the insurance industry could make it tougher for providers to negotiate fair and reasonable reimbursement rates to become in-network providers. But it’s not yet clear if the mergers will proceed or if government regulators will intervene.

However, there is much more to consider than private insurance reimbursement when determining whether your urgent care center model will be a success. Three factors critical in to urgent care success are also those that help athletes on an actual playing field.

Consider these conditions need to achieve a winning business venture:

Three Critical Factors to Urgent Care Success

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