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It took years and years of hard work and dedication, long hours and sleepless nights, and the time has finally come.  You’ve got your home office set up, a couple of high resolution monitors, a few licenses and insurance in place.  You’re ready to take that leap of faith and get started in the world of teleradiology, right?

After all, entering the world of teleradiology seems like the dream choice for many radiologists.  Whether you’re working in a small practice by day, hospital at night, or trying to balance work and family, teleradiology can be the ideal choice for your primary income or to supplement your income.

Not so fast.  It’s 2017.  Just two decades ago, healthcare providers didn’t face significant penalties for improperly disclosing protected health information (PHI).  Since then, regulations surrounding the privacy and security of PHI have evolved to include strict requirements and corresponding steep financial penalties for non-compliance.

Where does this leave you? Is it far too risky to give it a try?

With security protocols and policies such as Information Security Risk Analysis, Information Security Risk Management Program, Information Security Audit Controls, System Activity Review Policy, Security Incident Response Policy, Data Backup and Storage Policy, Data Disposal Policy, Media Re-Use Policy, Workstation Policy, and Electronic PHI Movement Policy, is it best to stay out of the game?  You will also have to think about privacy policies such as PHI Uses and Disclosures, Patient Access, Accounting of Disclosures, Sanctions Policy, and Breach Policies and Procedures.  Don’t forget about the Regulations imposed by both federal and state authorities – there’s HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, HITRUST, The Omnibus Rule, Unique Identifiers Rule and the Enforcement Rule just to name a few.

Still ready?  Still have that home office, those high resolution monitors, various licenses and insurance in place?  Great!  Let’s do it!

But how?

My suggestion is, find a teleradiology company that has built a strong Data Security and Compliance Department.  A teleradiology company that has taken the necessary measures to secure Protected Health Information. One that is sought after by the larger urgent care centers, hospitals, and government entities because they have put these measures in place.  Urgent Care acquisitions are at an all time high.  These larger healthcare organizations are driving the teleradiology industry to be more security conscious.  If you want to be successful in this industry you will choose a teleradiology provider that is able to meet the expectations of these larger healthcare organizations.

This will be the teleradiology company that grows, and that contracts with the largest clients.

This will be the teleradiology company that safely and securely helps you realize the dream of becoming a teleradiologist.

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