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Self-check grocery lines. Redbox movie rentals. Mobile banking. And now eRegistration for your urgent care visit?

Self-service technology is everywhere, including the health care field. It empowers consumers, giving them the control to access your products and services on their terms. But it also empowers you, allowing the customer to “work” for you by letting them ring up their own groceries, deposit their own checks, or rent their own movies. With eRegistration, you and your patients can experience the same symbiotic relationship.

What is eRegistration?

Practice Velocity’s eRegistration system allows patients to complete the check-in process on a tablet computer from the comfort of the waiting room. When the patient arrives at your urgent care center, the front desk activates the tablet to get the process started, then the eRegistration system walks them through the rest, including:

  • Patient information,
  • Guarantor,
  • eSign for any documentation your urgent care center requires, and
  • Insurance information

If your urgent care center would like your patients to use eRegistration to fill out their primary complaint and histories, the eRegistration system will also walk them through

  • Historian,
  • Problem,
  • Severity,
  • Onset,
  • Medications,
  • Symptoms,
  • Surgical History,
  • Social History,
  • Medical History, and
  • Family History.

Once the patient completes eRegistration, they hand the tablet back to the front desk, and your staff verifies the information the patient filled out.

With eRegistration, you can empower your patients to:

  • Register themselves from a tablet computer
  • Keep their own information up-to-date
  • Add or update their own medications
  • Update their own medical histories
  • Enter in their own insurance information

Patients will feel so much more in control over their information, and they’ll feel confident that the information in your system is correct because they entered it themselves. And your staff?

They’ll spend less time on administrative tasks like data entry and more time on what they should be doing: serving patients.

Did you know that integrating Practice Velocity’s eRegistration system into your daily check-in process will supercharge your patient check-in process?

The Competitive Advantage of eRegistration

Imagine hitting fast-forward on patient check-in. Your waiting room is almost empty, not because no one is coming to your center, but because your check-in process is so darn fast. Your front desk workflows are quicker, and you’ve cut down on all those documents you used to scan. You’ve reduced patient information errors, and it’s easier than ever to keep patient medication information current.

That’s the competitive advantage of eRegistration.

The system will get your patients in to see your providers faster, and it’ll cut down on your staff’s administrative tasks. You’ll see a decrease in your waiting room times and an increase in workflow efficiencies. All without sacrificing the quality of the care you provide to your patients.

Are you ready to empower your patients and staff?

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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