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Teleradiology, a place once referred to as the “Wild West”, is now quite possibly positioned to become the model citizen in data security, the lone ranger on the health care information frontier.

Why the change?  We have entered a time where acquisitions have become the driving force in this industry.  A time where larger health care organizations are acquiring smaller Urgent Care Centers throughout the land.  With these acquisitions come Security Risk Assessments.  From one Security Risk Assessment grows a policy, a procedure, a department, an entire network infrastructure where teleradiology can slowly become the safe haven for health care information.

By client request, Teleradiology Specialists decided to meet the demands of the industry and create an environment our clients can grow with and trust.  They requested a standard level of security for PHI flowing through their systems as well as ours.  We delivered.

Teleradiology Specialists has implemented an Enterprise Data Security Solution.  This new environment has been engineered to provide a high degree of security and compliance.  This solution is designed on a secure network infrastructure utilizing Direct Access and whitelisting our PACS access to our secure hosted environment.  This all occurs on company owned equipment, which has been encrypted, and is centrally managed.  The ability to centrally monitor and manage the infrastructure provides the means for rapid alerting and responsiveness to security threats.

Walk the halls of TS and you will find a staff that has been well trained thanks to our in-house Security Awareness Program.  Employees and radiologists are required to complete an on-line HIPAA Certification annually, and have access to our company policies and procedures through our on-line policy management portal.  Our employees are the front line of the company.  The Security Awareness Program is an added investment in our overall security solution and has helped our employees send a clear message to our clients, which is “we take careful and intentional steps in securing your PHI”.

We hope to get the message out to all our current and future clients.  If HIPAA, PHI, Data Security, and Security Assessments have got you feeling a little overwhelmed, our Enterprise Data Security Solution may help you gain the control needed to move your company out of the Wild West, and into the growth arena.

Teleradiology Specialists is poised to be one of the most security conscious teleradiology practices in operation. We are very proud of, and committed to this, as it will only further distinguish our organization from competitors.

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