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Rewarding employees with perks and benefits isn’t just a trend started by “entitled” Millennials; it’s a proven strategy that can strengthen the backbone of your business. Urgent care owners who fail to tangibly recognize the value of their employees aren’t just missing an opportunity; they’re running the risk of creating disgruntled employees who pass their ire straight down to their bottom lines: their customers.

Rewarding your employees doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. What’s important is that your efforts are sincere and, as cheesy as it might sound, come from the heart. Not sure where to start? Here are 11 ways Practice Velocity rewards its employees for their hard work and dedication:

  1. Bombshizzle Award: Team members are nominated by their peers, who must provide examples of how the team member has exemplified the company’s core values. To be eligible, team members must have been at the company for at least one year and have not previously won the award. Recipients are awarded a $100 VISA gift card and a plaque and are recognized at Practice Velocity’s monthly Town Hall meetings.


  1. Pop Rocks: If human resources gets wind of someone who has done something awesome for the company or a coworker, they are recognized and gifted with a packet of Pop Rocks. It’s a small, fun gesture that might really make someone’s day by showing them their efforts are noticed.


  1. Kudos at Town Hall Meetings: Team members who have received praise either from other team members or clients are recognized during monthly Town Hall meetings. Practice Velocity highlights these accolades during a special Kudos portion of the meeting.


  1. Ring the Blue Bell: We need to celebrate all accomplishments – small and large. We ring the bell for all kinds of events, from signing new clients to the birth of an employee’s baby. One time we even rang the bell after an employee’s boyfriend came to work to surprise her with a marriage proposal, which she accepted. The company concierge announces why we are ringing the bell over the PA system.


  1. Free Food Wednesday: Studies have shown that employees who have a friend at work or who socialize with their coworkers are less likely to leave the company, so this benefit was started as a way to encourage team members to network and get to know each other better. Also, who doesn’t love free food? The cost to offer this benefit is around $2 per employee. If you put $2 in the employee’s paycheck each week, they wouldn’t even notice. But give them a free lunch each week, and they feel appreciated and grateful for the company’s thoughtfulness.


  1. Bag Lunch Friday: Each Friday a different restaurant that provides carry-out service is chosen, and a select menu is posted for employees to make their lunch choices. Employees make their meal selections and bring their payments to the company concierge by Thursday mornings. Orders are delivered in individual boxes at noon on Fridays. This might not seem like much of a benefit, but it’s offering employees another day that they don’t have to worry about what to pack for lunch, and they love the convenience of not having to run out to get something to eat. This benefit takes very little effort, is no cost and is a big convenience for employees.


  1. TGIF: Short for “Thank Goodness it’s Friday,” these monthly picnics are held on Fridays March through October. They’re usually themed and are staffed by members of Practice Velocity’s leadership team. Practice Velocity provides food, as well as alcoholic beverages (maximum 2 per person) and soda and water. Like the Wednesday lunches, this is another opportunity for employees to network with each other and other departments.


  1. PV Fest: This is an opportunity for employees to work together as teams to give back to the community. Charitable projects are coordinated by the Building and Ground crew, and the company provides the materials. Once the project is ready to go, the teams are given a day off paid to work on the project. Last year we worked with the Village of Machesney Park to clean up the entire area around the Machesney Park Mall, and we built an outdoor play area for the kids at the non-profit GiGi’s Playhouse.


  1. Charity of the Year: Each December, employees choose a charity that the company will support throughout the year. Employees then host fund-raising events for that charity, such as cooking competitions; selling greeting cards, lanyards and socks; playing bingo; and raffles with prizes to local sporting events, such as baseball and hockey games. Employees also volunteer their time if that year’s charity has volunteer needs.


  1. PV Clubs: Employees are encouraged to join the different clubs formed by their coworkers, such as the reading club, adventure club, chess club, sewing and crocheting club, baseball team, and bowling league, just to name a few. Some are seasonal and some are year-round, but most meet at the office. Costs are paid by the employees; however, the company does help with sponsorships if entry fees are needed and provides team shirts. This is yet another way for employees to build relationships with their coworkers.


  1. Discount programs: Discounts have been negotiated on behalf of our employees with local automotive service providers, hair care salons, retailers, masseuses, etc. Some services are provided onsite, such as car detailing, oil changes, and messages. Others are given when the employee visits the local store or salon. This perk isn’t just about giving employees free or discounted stuff; it shows them that Practice Velocity truly values their time and investment in the company.


This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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