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2020 User Experience Conference Recap

Between product-focused presentations, fast-paced discussion panels, and an invigorating closing keynote from Superbugs author Dr. Matt McCarthy, Experity’s first-ever virtual user conference was one for the books. One of the event’s most inspiring moments came during Dr. David Stern’s opening address, where he highlighted the extraordinary achievements of urgent care throughout an unpredictable pandemic.

Expecting a boon of flu patients in March and April, the urgent care industry saw patient visits drop to virtually nothing during the peak of its busy season. Yet despite this unprecedented decline in visit volume, Dr. Stern revealed that most clinics have experienced a remarkable rebound in patient visits and seen COVID-19 testing drive over 50 percent of visits—surpassing recent visit volume records.

Stern noted that in the last nine months, urgent care clinics saw their highest visit volume day in 30 years with 101,279 patients. What’s more, he shared that one in four Americans will visit an urgent care by the end of 2020 and one in 10 will visit an urgent care clinic that uses Experity.

Citing Experity data, Stern also shared that urgent cares have collectively:

  • Seen 7.6M net-new patients this year
  • Used Experity solutions to see 19.2M million patient visits
  • Increased bill charges 10 percent year over year, even after volume dropped by over 50 percent in the spring

Suffice to say, these stats are simply incredible and what’s even more incredible is that the year hasn’t even come to a close. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s conference and the exciting product releases waiting for Experity customers in 2021.

Looking back on a year of continuous change

After wrapping up his opening address, Dr. Stern welcomed Chief Revenue Officer Matt Blosl, Chief Technology Officer Kernie Brashier, and Solutions Leader Kristina Flores to the stage to talk about how Experity’s product roadmap will propel urgent care into the next era of on-demand healthcare.

Blosl shared that over the past year, Experity has been focused around three primary concepts within its EMR and practice management solutions:

  • Optimizing clinic workflows for staff through real-time alerts, chart reviews, documentation and templates, and prescription management features.
  • Supporting new lines of business and revenue streams, such as service-line workflows for clients focused on adding primary care or occupational medicine business.
  • Strengthening interoperability through inputs into the EMR, such as patient scheduling and registration, as well as outputs that can connect and integrate into the clinic’s greater ecosystem.

According to Flores, some of this year’s most popular product releases included robust telemedicine functionality across all Experity solutions, concurrent charting and save-as-you-go functionality, and a single-view look at a patient’s long-term history with face sheet.

Billing was another hot topic of conversation. Managing payer relationships and staying up to date on coding changes during COVID-19 has been far from easy for urgent care operators. Blosl also shared that much of the industry has struggled with staffing changes this year—whether it’s losing critical staff members or accurately staffing the clinic due to volatile visit volumes.

Not having to manage this complex landscape has been a competitive advantage for Experity’s billing services clients, who benefit from its variable-based fee structure. These services are crucial when cash flow is tight and become especially beneficial when visit volume picks up. Clinics can rely on Experity’s billing team rather than adjust to new coding requirements and increase their overhead with more employees.

An insider’s view into the exciting road ahead

This year’s event was especially exciting because it marked the very first user conference as a company. Now more than a year old, Experity has spent the better part of its life post-merger carving out a vision for the next evolution of on-demand healthcare.

The conference sessions laid out Experity’s vision for the future and a new urgent care experience, which will evolve, over time, into a complete and total operating system for urgent care.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the exciting innovations Experity customers heard about during the conference:

  • Dynamic scheduling and robust primary care functionality that better accommodates primary care visits
  • Cutting-edge technology that makes the new 2021 E/M coding easy, seamless, and accurate
  • Real-time survey functionality that allows clinics to systematically work through and repair negative reviews

Throughout the conference, “connection” emerged as a prevailing theme. More than ever, urgent care leaders realize that the ability to connect is integral to the future success of the industry. With Experity, connections are at the core of every single decision—all of the connections, functionalities, and tools to manage the business are available in one central place.

2020: The beginning of something even bigger 

One major takeaway from the conference is that 2020 marks the beginning of something much bigger. That, despite a tremendously challenging year, urgent care leaders don’t just have an opportunity to lead a revolution—they’ve already started one.

More and more, healthcare leaders are reevaluating their operating models to adapt more nimbly to ambiguity and uncertainty. They’re conquering challenges with renewed confidence and an eager spirit.

The urgent care industry has shown the world that it’s not afraid to challenge the status quo, to innovate its business models, and to connect with one another in ways never thought possible before. The urgent care industry has not only redefined its possibilities in 2020, but in future years to come.

Experity Virtual User Conference content will continue to be available on Experity’s website. If you missed a session or couldn’t attend the conference in person, recordings of our general and breakout sessions are available now for replay.

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