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Hi! My name is Katie Simmonds. I’m a Software Support Specialist with Practice Velocity, and today I’d like to go over reports and cover some common questions we get asked in Support.

First, I’d like to show where a user is given access by their clinic admin to be able to run reports. In PVM, if you select the system tab and user on the dropdown, on the left-hand side you’re going to select the user ID you’d like to make alterations for. And here on this screen is the allowable report tabs section. You’re going to make checkbox changes to anything you’d like to change for the user, as far as the reports they’re able to access. Once you’ve made the changes you’ll click save and exit.

Next, let’s go to where you would run the reports. Under the Admin 2 tab in PVM you’ll select reports on the dropdown. And the first thing I’d like to point out on this page is on to right-hand side that allows for quick access, our most popular reports section. However, if you don’t see the report or data you are looking for, over here to the upper left of the screen is a search window box. Here you can type any keyword or words that pertain to the data you’re trying to pull, and any reports that contain this information will come up. For example, we have recently added a report for KPI – Key Performance Indicator. So I’ll just type KPI in here. You can either hit enter or click do search to run the report. Now, when the reports to choose from come up, it provides a short description of what the report provides under each report. If you click on a report and decide that it is the incorrect one or not the data you are looking to pull, you can click on report home and it will take you back to the home screen to start over. However, we’re going to run the KPI report in this example. Once you click on the report you would like to run, a more detailed description appears and the data source and other useful information. Next, you will want to select the parameters you would like to run the report for. Some reports have more parameters to choose from than others.

Here, I would like to take a quick moment to show you how you can favorite reports as well as save the parameters; both of these options can be unsaved at any point as well. If you click add to favorites down here it does give you the option to rename the report if you choose to do so. However, it’s not a requirement, and you can just as simply click remove from favorites to take it back. If you’d like to save the current parameters you’ll just click here. It’ll show you that the parameters have been saved, and now any time you run this report these parameters will automatically run. However, you can click reset to default. It will also alert you that you have reset to default.

Finally, after you select the report and parameters you would like, click run report. And all of our reports have the option for convenience of our clients to be exported. The exporting options are CSV, PVF, and most commonly used excel. You’ll just click on the save button here. And here’s a dropdown list of how you can export your data.

So, there is some basic information on reports. If you have any further questions please email us at or call us toll-free at 866-995-9863. Thank you for watching this PV QuickTips and have a great day!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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